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Students's Loans

Loan Coverage & Disbursement

Loan Coverage
1) A loan covers the following:-
a) Tuition fees;
b) Functional fees; and
c) Research fees;
d) Aids and appliances for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)

2) In future on availability of funds, a loan may include specified amounts in respect to accommodation or meals, where the Board determines that the funds are sufficient to provide those items. The amount vary from course to course and from Institution to Institution since there is no uniform cost.

Loan Beneficiaries

 Award of Loans for Academic year 2014/2015

Status                                Male   Female   Total

Applied                              668      457       2125

Percentage of Applied       78.5%   21.5%    100%

Eligibility Criteria with T&Cs

Eligibility Criteria
An applicant shall be considered for funding on condition that they have an admission to an accredited programme/course(s) from a chartered University or recognized Higher Education Institution. They are citizens of Uganda and can demostrate that they cannot afford the costs for higher Education.

HESFB Terms and Conditions for the Applicants